Texas Speech Communication Association

Bylaws Committee

2016-17 Committee Members

Ann Shofner '18 (chair)
Sara Jane Barno '19
Lacy Cannon '17
M'Liss Hindman '18
Kathy Owens '19
Ruben Richardson '19

From the bylaws Article VIII, Section 1. a:

The Bylaws committee shall propose revisions and amendments to the Bylaws.

College and University

2016-17 Committee Members

Sara Contreras (Chair)
Karin Dahmann
Rebecca Kerr
Russell Lowery-Hart
Meghan Pace
Patrick Ralls
Kierra Wade

From the bylaws, Article VIII, Section 1. f:

The Four Year and University Committee shall encourage and improve speech and theatre in four year colleges and universities of Texas.

Committee on Educator Training

2016-17 Committee Members

Melessa Denny (chair)
Jane Boyd
Liana Hinojosa
Tracy Matthies
Stacy McGee
Jose Rodriguez
Crystal Church Rolison
Ann Shofner

From the bylaws, Article VIII, Section 1. c:

The Committee on Educator Training shall produce educational materials for the TSCA website, introductory materials, and training sessions. The Committee shall be composed of seven members with representation from middle school, high school, and higher education with geographic representation when possible.

This committee is convened by the President of TSCA to aid entering speech teachers in the public schools.

Committee to Nominate the Nominating Committee

2016-17 Committee Members

Vanessa Amos
Brandon Cohn
Leslie Crady
Wayne Kraemer
Rhonda Smith

From the bylaws, Article 8, Section 3:

The incoming President will appoint six (6) members to serve on a Committee to Nominate the Nominating Committee to select twelve (12) members, based on equitable distribution of teaching level and District representation, to be candidates for the Nominating Committee. At the general session at each convention, each delegate will vote by ballot for two nominees. The person receiving the highest number of votes will serve as chairperson and the next five highest will complete the committee. The person receiving the second highest number of votes shall assume the chair of the committee should the chair be unable to complete the term of office. Any member who has served on the Nominating Committee within the previous three years shall be ineligible to serve on the Nominating Committee.

Those who are ineligible to serve on the Nominating Committee are in the paragraphs below:

2016 Nominating Committee Members: Sara Jane Barno (Co-Chair), Kaye Magill (Co-Chair), Ryan Lovell, Noah Recker, Julie Schniers, Sarah Spring

2015 Nominating Committee Members: Ann Shofner (Chair), Joe Uhler, Rory McKenzie, Cindi Havron, Daniel Rosales, Danny Moss

2014 Nominating Committee Members: Ralph Long (Chair), Yolanda Silva, Stacey Thomas, Chad Flisowski, Barbara McCain, Wendy Brandenburg

2013 Nominating Committee Members: Cheryl Potts (Chair), Sammy Green, Kim Falco, June Smith, Jim Towns, Ross DeLeon

2012 Nominating Committee Members: Amy Jones (Chair), Linda Alderson, Janice Caldwell, Russell Lowery-Hart, Michelle Pittman, Sami Womack

Your Charge:

present a slate of 12 members who have agreed to run for Nominating Committee. The slate must be regionally diverse and representative of all teaching levels

Educator of the Year Committee

2016-17 Committee Members

Kari McKenzie '19 (Chair)
Dale Anderson '18
Kyla Brookshier '19
Kelley Finley '17
Brian Lain '17
Brian Ott '19
Amanda Jo Ratcliff '19
George Tennison '19
Jim Towns '18

From the bylaws, Article VIII, Section 1. b:

The Educator of the Year Awards Committee shall select an individual in accordance with the established regulations for that award. That committee shall have nine members with three being from K-12, three from the two-year college, and three from the university. The chairperson shall receive packets from all Educator of the Year nominees by August 1st. The committee shall report the nominees to the Executive Committee by August 15th. Recipients will be announced at convention.

Criteria for Award

1. Members of the Committee to select the Educator may not be nominees.
2. Nominees shall be active at the education level from which they are nominated.
3. Nominee shall be an active member of TSCA for the past 5 years.
4. Nominee shall have significant service to TSCA.
5. Nominee shall show a high level of excellence in teaching as evidenced by students and supervisors.

Basic information of the nomination should be made to the chairperson of the committee before May 1st to facilitate informing the Executive Council by the Spring retreat. This information should include

  1. Name of Nominee
  2. Level of Nominee
  3. Email of Nominee
  4. Responsible party for nomination information
  5. Email of responsible party
  6. Phone numbers of responsible party

Nomination portfolios should be mailed and in the hands of the chairperson of the committee by August 1st. Click here to download a Nomination Form.

Portfolios should be mailed to the committee chair.

The Educator of the Year committee is pleased to inform you that electronic submissions of nominee portfolios will be accepted again this year.

According to the bylaws, article 8, section b: The Educator of the Year Awards Committee shall select an individual in accordance with the established regulations for that award.

District Chairs should submit notebooks for educators in their districts they wish to place in nomination for these awards and should send 9 copies to the Educator of the Year chair. The committee chair will distribute the copies to each of the committe members. During the year, the chair of this committee should place notices in the newsletter and contact all district chairs to be sure all nominations meet the deadlines for consideration by this committee.

Your Charge:

Solicit nominees through the newsletters and via electronic communication with district chairs. Judge the portfolios and award the various educator awards at the next convention.

Fiscal Review Committee

2016-17 Committee Members

Brent Hinkle (Chair)
Kristi Hodgkiss '19
Greg McGee '18
Gina Risher '19

From the bylaws, Article VIII, Section 1. e:

A Fiscal Review Committee of three members, at least one of whom shall be a former TSCA Comptroller of Accounts or Executive Secretary, shall be appointed by the President and confirmed by the Executive Committee at the annual meeting. This committee shall publish a report of the Comptroller of Accounts and the Executive Secretary annually.

The Fiscal Review Committee has been charged to review the previous year''s financial records for the association and develop a budget for the next year's operations. Both findings should be reported to the Executive Council and to the membership during the first general session of the convention. Please coordinate with the Comptroller to complete this task prior to committee meetings.

Governmental Affairs Committee

2016-17 Committee Members

Sami Womack (Co-Chair)
Ryan Lovell (Co-Chair)
Clint Adams
Abby Blank
Nicole Cornish
Kim Falco
Amy Kemp
Greg Mayo
Mark Mazzu
Cody Morris
Seth Pietsek
Carla Reisman
Stephanie Rodarte-Suto
Debbie Waddell

From the bylaws, Article VIII, Section 1. g:

The Governmental Affairs Committee shall monitor or contract a monitor with the approval of the Executive Committee to research governmental activities affecting speech communication and theatre. This committee is authorized to request funding as needed from the Executive Committee to complete its monitoring and research responsibilities. The chairperson shall be appointed by the President for a three-year term or until a successor is appointed. Members of the committee shall be appointed by the President, one from each of the fifteen State Board of Education districts, and will serve staggered three-year terms. The chairperson shall attend each Executive Committee and Executive Council meeting during the year to report to the association and shall develop communication networks and strategies to respond to governmental issues concerning speech communication and theatre in Texas.

Local Arrangements

2016-17 Committee Members

Martha Pierson (Chair)
Andrew Barrett
Christine Beard
Vicky Beard
Deanne Christensen
Ashley Freeman
Letra Johnican
Michael Merritte
Adesuwa Omoruyi
Nick Reichert

From the bylaws, Article VIII, Section 1. i:

The Local Arrangements Committee shall make arrangements for amenities and details related to the annual convention, including the selection of the recipient of the Communicator of the Year.. The President will name the Local Arrangements Chair(s) who will select committee members from the area of the next convention. The chair shall serve for one year and serve as an ex officio member of the committee the following year.

Nominating Committee

2016-17 Committee Members

Cheryl Potts (Co-Chair)
JP Fugler (Co-Chair)
Lisa Campbell
Lillian Adeyemi
Justin Blacklock
Max Thompson

From the bylaws, Article VIII, Section 1. j:

The Nominating Committee shall propose a slate of officers of the Association to be placed in nomination at the general meeting.

From the bylaws, Article III, Section 2. c:

c. A list of nominees for all offices listed in Article III, Section 1 (except the President and Vice President) shall be prepared by a Nominating Committee and presented at the mid-year officers' retreat and submitted to the membership in the summer edition of the newsletter.

1. The Nominating Committee shall recommend candidates for each office to be elected in a given year. The Nominating Committee shall receive from each candidate these documents:

(a) a vita with pertinent activities of the candidate

(b) a review of service by the candidate to TSCA and the field of speech in the state

(c) a letter by the candidate accepting the nomination and including the candidate's perspective for furthering the goals of the Association; and

(d) a letter from the candidate's immediate supervisor, if applicable, indicating support.

2. At least two candidates shall be offered for Vice President Elect. Candidates shall be from the K-12 membership on even years and from the College and University or Community College membership on odd years.

** The report of the Nominating Committee shall be made to the membership on the TSCA website and will include the candidates' vitas and perspective for furthering the goals of the Association. The nominating committee shall conduct an election during the general session. A majority vote shall be necessary to elect. Anyone nominated from the floor shall follow guidelines in c. 1.

d. In the event no candidate receives a majority, a run-off shall be held between the two candidates receiving the most votes.

Public Relations Committee

2016-17 Committee Members

Michael Merritte '17 (Chair)
Timothy Haynes '18
Shannon Howard '19
Kyle Peterson '17
Martha Pierson '19
Nick Reichert '19
James Thompson '18

From the bylaws, Article VIII, Section 1. k:

The Public Relations Committee shall publicize the work of TSCA, and seek appropriate ways to improve the public image of TSCA, and to recruit members.

Resolutions Committee

2016-17 Committee Members

Nancy Randoph (Chair)
Jayson Anderson '19
Adrian Gallardo '19
D'Nan Mathis '19
Adesuwa Omoruyi '19
Melissa O'Neal '18
Karen Schilling '19
Angela Verner '18
Kasey Willeby '19

From the bylaws, Article VIII, Section 1. l:

The Resolutions Committee shall prepare and present to the general meeting appropriate resolutions pertaining to the annual meeting.

This committee shall solicit from other officers and chairs the resolutions needed for the current convention.

Special Awards Committee

2016-17 Committee Members

Connie McKee '17 (Chair)
Amy Tilton Jones '19
Russell Kirkscey '17
Barbara Mayo '19
Kerry Moore '18
Norma Coston (external resource)
Melissa Witt (Ex Officio)

From the bylaws, Article VIII, Section 1. m:

The Committee on Special Awards shall consist of five former presidents of TSCA. The President shall serve as ex officio member of the committee. The committee shall select those individuals eligible to receive the Outstanding Service Award and recommend Emeritus member(s) to the Executive Council. Emeritus members must have been retired for three years or have twenty-five years service in the organization and maintain active membership an participation in TSCA. Recipient(s) will be announced at the annual convention.

Your Charge:

We have several nominees from the districts. Please advise the district chairs of all their responsibilities for turning complete nomination packets to you so you can determine if any special awards will be given during this convention.

Speech and Theatre in Public Schools Committee

2016-17 Committee Members

Ross DeLeon (Chair)
Ramon F. Arana '19
Andrew Barrett '19
Angi Burns '19
Amy Kemp '17
Carolyn Mackey '19
Louie Pacheco '19
Janice Valenzuela '19
Clay Wheeler '19

From the bylaws, Article VIII, Section 1. n:

The Committee on Speech and Theatre in Public Schools shall encourage and improve instruction in speech and drama in our public schools.

Task Force on Strategic Planning

2016-17 Committee Members

June Smith (Chair)
Rory McKenzie
Connie McKee
Brent Hinkle
Linda Alderson
M'Liss Hindman
Amy Tilton Jones
Kiera Wade
Sara Jane Barno

Time and Place

2016-17 Committee Members

Darrell Yarbrough (Chair)
Mike Jones
Ralph Long (East) '18
Trudy Hanson (West) '17
Michelle Watkins (Central) '20

From the bylaws, Article VIII, Section 1. p:

The Time and Place Committee will meet with prospective hotel representatives to receive information pertinent to hotel selection and make comparisons. The Committee shall consist of 5 members: the Comptroller, and four additional members representing four regions of the State. The regional members will be appointed to 4-year terms on the following rotation: Central, South, East, West. All regional members must be past TSCA officers. New committee members will rotate onto the committee at the close of the convention at which their region's contract hotel is signed. These four regions will match the Education Service Center regions as follows:

  1. West: Regions 9, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, & 19
  2. South: Regions 1, 2, 3, & 4
  3. Central: Regions 13 & 20
  4. East: Regions 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, & 12

The chair of the committee will rotate among the four regional representatives. The chair of the committee is always representing the region in which the hotel contract is being negotiated. After the contract is signed for that region, and the convention has been held in that region, a new representative from that region will be appointed to serve the next four year term. The Chair is required, under the guidance of the Comptroller, to initiate hotel contracts in his/her region for consideration by the committee.

UIL Advisory Committee

2016-17 Committee Members

Eloise Blair (Chair)
Christopher Brannen
Gilbert Casas
Jonni Davis
Shawn Duthie
Joanna Hickey
Amiee Kasprzyk
Rory McKenzie
Marilyn Myrick
Shelby Randolph
Katrese Skinner
Lester Stone

From the bylaws, Article VIII, Section 1. h:

The Interscholastic League Advisory Committee shall encourage Interscholastic contests and propose improvements.

Your Charge:

to review current UIL contest activities, solicit information from participating coaches and students, and prepare a list of proposals to be presented at the annual Convention.



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