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Communicating with Confidence

Lesson Plan Type Standard
Estimated Time 1 class period
Grade 9th-12th Grades
Author Lacy Cannon, Mellessa Denny, Ann Shofner

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Materials: Five different colors of paper, stapler, sissors or paper cutter, computers if students are searching for articles in the guided practice section

Hook: Fear Factor. The activity begins with a handout asking students to rate a list of ten "common fears" according to how much they fear each one on a scale from 1-10 (Fear Factor Worksheet). After they do that, the activity continues by asking students to get out of their seats and stand up in horseshoe shape or line against the wall according to what number they assigned to "public speaking" on the list of fears. Then ask the students who rated pulic speaking a "1" (most feared) to start at the left hand side of the room, and then students line up in order from 1-10. A discussion follows this actifity that asks one student from each assigned number to discuss what about public speaking scares him/her most. This shows students that they are not alone no matter where they fall in their ranking. We then review some common fears about public speaking which reveal why public speaking continues to be dreaded by so many Americans (i.e.; "mind going blank", "embarrassing myself", "uncontrollable shaking", etc.).  

This activity came from the Texas Speech Communicaiton Association Journal, 2013. 

Lesson: Have students create foldable (or create foldables ahead of time for students, this can be easier and save class time) for notes on How to Speak with Confidence. 


Take FIVE strips of paper in different colors.

Lay them on top of each other, off-set by about half an inch.

Then fold them so that there are 10 flaps.

Use paper cutter or sissors to cut the stack in half. This makes two foldables.

Staple the very top so they stick together.

Then write the word on the outside of the flap and the explanation on the inside of the flap. (see Confidence Foldable Example for a picture example)

Use the document Confidence Foldable Notes to have students take notes on their foldable.

Guided Practice: Have students get into groups and read and discuss an article about the fear of public speaking. You could pick an article that looks at tips for overcoming the fear of public speaking or how the fear of public speaking can benefit speakers. 

Example: Five Reasons Why The Fear of Public Speaking Is Great For You from Forbes


Another option would be to have each group search for an article online to read and briefly present to the class as a group. 

Independent Practice: Students will implement independent practice when they are giving presentations in the class. 

Closure: What is one thing that you will focus on during a presentation that will help your confidence?