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Texas Speech Communication Association

2005 Convention

October 5-8, 2005
The Moody Gardens
Seven Hope Blvd
Galveston, TX 75234

TSCA Conference 2005 Call for Papers and Panels

Helping Administrators, Teachers, Parents and Students
Make Personal Accountability a Core Value

We have many challenges facing us today in education regarding ACCOUNTABILITY, and it will take a combined effort of administrators, teachers, parents and students working together to support active learning both in subject matter and character. Therefore, our conference challenges its members to find ways we can make accountability a core value by creating programs that:

  • Challenge administrators to plan the design and development of an educational system aligned with the nation’s expectations using the knowledge of the 21st Century realities;
  • Encourage teachers to set higher standards and expectations for their students and incorporate teaching strategies that challenge the minds of their clients as opposed to teaching to a “Test”.
  • Promote parent involvement in all aspects of their child’s learning so that true learning and admirable character traits can be emphasized and reinforced at home; and
  • Motivate students to embrace their education by taking responsibility for their intellectual, social, and emotional growth and to overcome selfishness by participating in giving back to society